Selasa, Julai 15, 2008

TODAY Never Dies!


+ Find me. I'm missin'. 

- Huh?

+ Kimi wo mitskete yo! (I've found ya'!)

That's rite. I've been missing for a few days (only). I've privated the blog so I could calm myselff. Why?

Not a word for you. You find it just like huh-what-the-heck expression if I let you know why. So, I am not going to tell you.

Back to the point. Oh yeah, today.

Today has become a real miserable yet a colourful like all days I've been through before.

You know, everyday has its own COLOUR. Yet telling you this, I can't tell you what colour is today's.

First, been to the assembly. WOW by the MPP results. Just redha as I've known nothing.
Allah knows best. Allah knows best. Allah knows best.

And lots of my friends had become Prefect, so the jama' for them: it's Dhubbath. (lots of prefects!)
Good luck, friends!

And then, found that my calculator is missing! First the file, and now the calculator. Do I have to really blame myself for missing my possessions?

File, a friend took it. Calculator, a friend borrowed it and I don't really remember who was her!

And know, I am starting to babble in this blog in english. What could be worse with my oh-not-so-good english, huh? Bear with me, it's good to change the atmosphere once in a while.


I am really into my Qur'an. I feel like I want to be broken into lots of fragile pieces.


Been memorizing Qur'an for years, yet leaving it behind. I feel lots of shame upon myself.

12 juzu' and not even a juzu' I do have it in my heart (and my mind) ?

What a shame, Qurrah!

No this is not the time to cry and fell and left behind. 

QURRAH, you have to stand up for YOURSELF!

If it's not you, whoever will?

If it's not now, then when will you ever start it?

Wait till you realize that you're no longer in this dunya no more?

Na'uzubillah. Make up for me. Myself.


Living an unexpected life
trembling on prickles 
worrying on troubles
waiting for miracles
now and always

No one can oversight the day
thus denying what had happened
a time losing one could say

And life, this is an experience
not such of an experiment

alas we really had known what it means
it is not about luck or omen
it is about DECISION
we make it we have it
what we do assure us what we will have

(Today will never die
unless we burnt it, just letting it fading away.)


Alhamdulillah. Late-nite I still have an english poem. For me from myself?  [WOW!] Ghee, my english is not so good. So poor. Must be improved.

In a nutshell, I conclude that, even if today it seems like it is worse than yeseterday, remember, today never ends until tomorrow begins. So, we still have times. Allah al-'Alim. 

TOMORROW is only for those who are fully appreciating TODAY.


Aslim taslam!

[correct me if I am wrong somewhere, anywhere...]

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HiDaYah berkata...

Whah! Your post is in English..nice..very nice..easy for me to understand..

Lu'lu' berkata...


thanks Zatil!

^_^ I'll try to use English frequently in this blog so that I can improve my English~

Nway, luv your story in the class today!

The story make me feel proud or 'izzah with ISLAM and my friend..